Bi-Office White A1 Easy Flipchart Easel EA4600046



Simply place a flipchart pad into the flip-up clamp and adjust the height of the easel legs to suit you. Run out of paper space? Hang pages on the extendable side arms or write with drywipe markers on the backup whiteboard. Tough anodized aluminium ensures durable support and stability for your easel. It's an ideal tool for meetings and brainstorming sessions. This item even includes a pen tray for marker storage.

  • Highly portable easel with choice of size and surface
  • Easy to assemble and adjustable height (A1: 0,91-1,76mm; Euro: 1,15-1,95mm)
  • Adjustable flip pad clamp, for use with any flipchart pad
  • Complete with 2 magnetic extension bars that allow you to present up to 3 sheets of paper
  • Full length pen tray
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Professional use
  • Dimensions: 28 x 1.5 x 34.5mm
  • Weight: 365g

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£138.24 exc VAT

£138.24 exc VAT